The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia was a remarkable achievement for humanity as it was instrumental in eliminating the scourge of religious warfare, which had prevailed all through from 1511 to 1648, making the European civilisation as of it were an arena of religious bigotry, intolerance and outright barbarism culminating into beastly violence. Europe thus presented a bizarre and chaotic look, till at last human consciousness emerged that the religious conflicts only divided them with frictions mounting and with no end in sight. Peace for all religions to co-exist with each other was the collective insight which changed the entire outlook of Europe. The Treaty of Westphalia was, therefore an outcome of this realisation. Religious warfare became taboo and spirit of accommodation between different religious that became the driving force to achieve global harmony. All religions essentially strive to reinforce ethical and moral values without which the world would remain exploitative and an abode of tyranny. Bush turned the world upside down and the spirit of the Treaty of Westphalia was thrown into the debris caused by the deadly weapons like Bunker Busters. He certainly is a regressive force which views militancy as the means to perpetuate USA's Unipolarity sequel to the death of Cold War and the defeat of the great rival, the former Soviet Union (SU), at the hands of Afghan mujahideen - now ironically labelled Terrorists. The invasion of Afghanistan was a gross blunder which the then SU committed. Invasion of any country pre-supposes that you fully comprehend the psyche of the people, whom you wish to conquer. History is a testimony that Afghanistan is a graveyard of great powers who wielded colossal colonial domination. Great Britain invaded three times but the rugged force of the Afghanis who were otherwise impoverished in weaponry could not allow the invaders to succeed in their nefarious game. The former SU had to meet the same fate because it ignored the vital lesson of history. Without Afghanis' tough resistance, the global order could not have changed into Unipolarity. USA gained the supremacy over the world only due to the indomitable will of the Afghanis who have historical propensity not to allow any foreign invaders on their soil. No matter how poor and deprived, they would never reconcile to barter their sovereignty in lieu of any amount of wealth and prosperity that invaders typically tend to promise. Bush cannot escape meeting the ultimate Waterloo. He made desperate overtures and manipulations to achieve some success to be able to claim that he was not a total failure after all. Before the end of his term he wanted to have some victory somewhere so that his political party - The Republican - would not be characterised as a chronic loser. Trillions of dollars have been spent in the military misadventure that he undertook by invading Iraq and Afghanistan - both intermittently. That the invasion of Iraq was a great folly is a global consensus. The political rival of Bush's party - The Democrats - made a persistent demand to withdraw forces from Iraq and bring them into Afghanistan. Now with Obama as the president let's see what happens. However, there is still a lurking hope that USA might achieve some semblance of victory in Afghanistan. No matter how many forces they may bring into Afghanistan, it will prove of no consequence, as defeat is repugnant to Afghan sensibility. Being afraid, the NATO forces are reluctant to fight against the Taliban and wish to contain themselves within the comfort zones of the Kabul area. The Indian forces, to the tune of over 1.5 lacs are now going to operate into Afghanistan to fight USA's war, shall also encounter a terrible set-back to their hegemonic and economic ambitions tied to the imperial lust of USA, in collusion with NATO. Mullah Omar is reported to have turned down any offer of compromise, which the Allied Forces now are covertly trying through Saudi Arabia, for nothing short of withdrawal of occupation forces from the soil of Afghanistan would be acceptable. India's propensity to extract maximum strategic advantage by aligning with the US/NATO forces, is due to its deep-seated prejudice against Pakistan. To have a firm holdover Afghanistan is to be able to extend its influence in the Central Asian Republics and reap the economic benefits of the energy reservoirs. Changing partnership is purely determined by material benefits as in the Cold War, India was reaping maximum benefits being on the side of the former SU. After its defeat, it is now developing strategic partnership with USA, the latent objective being to pile up nuclear weapons so that Pakistan could be thoroughly demoralised and intimidated. The common factor which induces it to support Bush is its chronic aversion towards Islam. It was not accidental that Afghanistan was subjected to all out military attack, on the flimsy ground of netting the so-called planners of 9/11 event. It is no secret now that those who planned the Manhattan tragedy were located in Germany and Spain. Afghanistan only gave shelter to bin Laden. Despite so much massacre and devastation in Afghanistan, spread over eight years, the US and its allies have not captured their "valued" targets, which in itself speaks of the shameful limitation that the superpower has. On the other hand, the power of the belief and commitment to high ideals that Afghanis possess is the major armour against the incredible might of the great military power of the world, which after having encountered great humiliation in Iraq is now facing a similar predicament in Afghanistan. It is indeed a dangerous scenario brewing up in Afghanistan and its adjoining tribal belt of Pakistan. The US, NATO, Israel and India are out to create a situation in the tribal belt that it is transformed into a buffer zone, from where the major operations could be launched in Afghanistan. Ever since the infiltration of US sponsored insurgents into Pakistan's tribal territory, very well planned and coordinated through CIA, RAW and Mossad, there is a design to shake Pakistan right from its base. But there is a big shadow between the dream and reality. Pakistan is in a state of war, and there is a vicious plan to wean it from its main anchor - the tribal belt. Our valiant military forces are not killing its own people, to please USA, any more as they were made to follow General Musharraf's policy based on timidity during his tenure as COAS and an illegal president. Now the scenario has changed. Army is doing what it should do. ISI and MI are very powerful organisations that we should be proud of. There was a design to isolate them from intelligence-seeking in the tribal areas and hence there was so much of propaganda and image-tarnishing of these institutions. Quaid-i-Azam, at the time of the struggle for Pakistan had given a 'rule of thumb', that whenever Hindu India criticised any policy of the Muslim League, it was expedient to think that it was in the interest of Muslims. Similarly all that mischievous propaganda against ISI and other agencies is a clear testimony to the fact that these institutions are hurting our adversaries very much. Most of the tribal people are honest to the core and cannot go to harm the cause of 'Islam' or that of Pakistan. The callous pouring of bombs through missiles and drones on the poor people of Waziristan, shall not shatter their 'Will'. The infiltrators masquerading as 'Pakistani Talibans', are in fact fake entities - agent saboteurs, who are engaged in killing innocent civilians through suicide bombing. The strategy being followed is that of Che'Guavera, who was a pioneer of the urban guerrilla movement. By killing the armed forces personnel that are supposed to protect the lives of citizens, the objective is to create a climate of collapse as the government is incapable of ensuring law and order, and so no place in Pakistan is safe enough so how could it protect the nuclear weapons, which must be brought into USA's control. The systematic war on Islamic countries has two-fold objectives, to render them militarily so weak, that they are pushed sufficiently back into history so that they cannot emerge to pose any threat to Israel. Moreover, Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia, can be controlled by securing a permanent, holdover Afghanistan besides gaining monopoly over the oil wealth of the Central Asian Republics. Eric Margolis in his write up Time to face reality of Afghanistan (reproduced by a local newspaper, October 07, 2008) makes it quit explicit: "The current war is not really about Al-Qaeda and terrorism, but about opening a secure corridor through Pashtun tribal territory to export the oil and gas riches of the Caspian Basin of Central Asia to the West. The US/NATO forces in Afghanistan are essentially pipeline protection troops." Margolis, in the same article reiterates what Taliban leader Mullah Omer claimed: "The US was heading towards the same kind of catastrophic defeat in Afghanistan that the SU had met. The ongoing financial panic in the US lent substance to his words." The spilling of Muslim blood has found its retribution in near collapse of the economy of the US and that of its allies. Nemesis hardly spares the pirates and predators. Bush blinded by rage and hatred against Islam, undertook 'missions impossible'. No doubt, he has the blood on his hand of millions of Muslims in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and its tribal territory and like Macbeth he cannot wash it off. His surrogate partners, Israel and India have done colossal atrocities against Muslims; killing over eighty thousand in the Indian held Kashmir alone and the gory drama of death, the Hindus of Gujarat played against Muslims in the massacre of 2002. The famous Babri Mosque was demolished on the concocted plea that it was built on a Hindu Temple - a great historical aberration. There is another Hindu 'Pseudo intellectual" P N Oak, who came out with a ridiculous idea that the great Taj Mahal - a great wonder of the world was not built by Muslim Ruler Shahjahan, but was a Hindu Temple called Tejo Mao Mahal. Samuel Huntington is the proponent of the idea that it is not radical Islam, but Islam itself, which cannot coexist with the West. Bernard Lewis is another 'intellectual' supporter of Islam bashing. Unlike Capitalism and Communism Islam is a divine ideology. No power on the earth can obliterate it. "Militarism is one of the chief Bulwark of Capitalism and the day that Militarism is undermined, Capitalism will fall." (Helen Keller) That day is in the offing. The writer is a political analyst E-mail: