ISLAMABAD (APP)- Turkish embassy Wednesday organised an exhibition of selected photographs made by three Pakistani photographers during their ten day trip to Turkey recent. Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Rauf Engin Soysal inaugurated the exhibition, which will also continue tomorrow on the occasion of reception being hosted by the Ambassador in connection with Turkish national day celebrations. In all 40 photographs were selected out of 5000 made by three leading Pakistan photographers, including Syed Javaid A. Kazi, Dr Shaukat M. Malik and Attiya Yaldram have been displayed at the exhibition under the title "Turkey through the eyes of Pakistani photographers". These three photographers visited Turkey for ten days in June this year and captured different sites having culture, religion, tradition and historic background and came with over 5000 snaps and just 40 were selected for the exhibition arranged by the Cultural Section of the Turkish embassy here Wednesday. Turkish Ambassador Rauf Engin Soysal, addressing briefly on this occasion said the exhibition would further promote people to people relations already existed between the two countries. The Ambassador said the exhibition has been organised in connection with 85th national day celebrations. He said the embassy is also planning to publish a book comprising photos taken by these three photographers. He said a group of Turkish photographers would also be invited to Pakistan to prepare similar type of exhibition "Pakistan in the eyes of Turkish photographers," so that the people to people contacts of the two countries would be further strengthened. One of the photographers, Javed Kazi giving his expressions said the feelings of the three photographers during their stay in Turkey could not be described in words. He said the Turkish brother gave the photographers very warm hospitality and they were greeted with open hearts wherever they went. "The life in Turkey is true combination of modern and ancient culture and it gives the photographers a real chance to see the cultural heritage of brotherly country," he said.In charge Culture Section of Turkish embassy, said Pakistan and Turkey enjoying very close, brotherly and strong relations and the Turkish ambassador to Pakistan Rauf Engin Soysal took keen interest to manage the trip of three Pakistani photographers to Turkey for taking these pictures. Pakistani photographers Syed Javaid A. Kazi, is an internationally known photographer whose work has been extensively exhibited and published. One of the leading exhibitors from Pakistan, he has been listed amongst the "Top 25 Exhibitors of the world" several times.In recognition as a photographer and for his significant services for the promotion of photographic art, he has been honored by major photographic societies around the world. Kazi was invited as a member of the international team of select photographers to Tibet by the Government of China and his work was included in the prestigious exhibition. Kazi has been conferred with the President of Pakistan's Medal for "Pride of Performance"  in the field of culture (photography). He is currently the President of the Photographic Society of Pakistan. Dr Shaukat M. Malik, the other photographer, is an eminent cardiologist by profession, is a committed photographer whose work has been exhibited in photographic exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. He has made significant contributions for the promotion of art photography in Pakistan. Dr Malik has represented Pakistan in several international congresses of Photography. He is the President of the Islamabad Camera Club. Attiya Yaldram, is an emerging Pakistani photographer whose work has been well appreciated in photography circles. She is a member of the Photographic Society of America and has represented Pakistan in the World Congresses of Photography in China and Brunei. As executive member of the Photographic Society of Pakistan and board member of Islamabad Camera Club, she has made valuable contribution for the promotion of photography in Pakistan.