LAHORE-Umair Jaswal bares his soul on his upcoming original track ‘Chal Raha Hoon.’ This week we got to see an exclusive interview with Umair discussing his song and the story behind it. While capturing the essence of what it means to be human amidst personal tragedy, he guides us through the journey of pain, heartache and loss he experienced in his early years as a musician. The song is constructed as an entire day from dusk to dawn with a series of navigated emotions in one composition.

As an introduction to the song, Umair starts to explain who he is and why this song is personal to him. Being a man who is not made of plastic but a man made of the earth he feels every state of emotion there is to experience. He goes on to elaborate, “one man’s misery is another man’s entertainment”, recognizing that this song came from a dark space of vulnerability, a melancholic track formulated into a personalized masterpiece. The song was created in the perspective of a specific helpless place within oneself about a certain kind of love which was lost. A feeling as if you’re whole world comes crashing down. It’s from the part of life where one feels absolutely defeated. ‘Chal raha Hoon’ is a song written when Umair first delved into music.

He explains, when an artist writes a song like this, no matter how many times he sings it on stage he comes back to that feeling and it’s as if he were to relive it over and over again. The tempo moves with the lyrics giving us an image of what the experience was like. If you close your eyes you can feel the darkness. There’s a metaphor on how when the sun sets and darkness lurks in and your whole world comes crashing down. From evening to night, we embark on this journey with Umair as if we were experiencing it vicariously. We can’t wait to hear the full song once it’s out!