ISLAMABAD    -   Former Mexican squash team coach Rehman Gul has offered his services to the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), saying if provided a chance to coach Pakistan junior and selected senior players, he will produce quality champions within a year.

In an interview with The Nation, experienced Rehman said: “As I have experience of playing squash and coaching number of countries, I know what Pakistani players lack. Although the PSF is providing best facilities, accommodation, food and coaches, yet the federation does not know the requirements and training methods of modern players. Pakistani players must be given day-to-day training and proper coaching. I have produced number of top ranking players during my coaching career. Having knowledge of modern techniques, I will give effective plans to the PSF for grooming squash players. It is my challenge that the federation will get number of quality players, who could face any given opponent, within few months.”

“I have spent many years abroad to pass on my knowledge to different players. But now I feel Pakistani squash players need my services. It badly hurts, when a country like Pakistan, who had ruled squash world for decades, is struggling to win even minor titles. I know Pakistani players are motivated and talented. If they are provided with modern training, they can win top events. Local coaches need to understand that outdated methods cannot help them as well as players. They must get exposure by visiting other countries, attending courses and observing other coaches, who are passing on their experiences to future players.

I arrived in Pakistan just to serve the country. I have no lust of personal glory or money, as I had lots of offers from abroad. I am residing in Peshawar and ready to move to Islamabad. If the PSF wants to take advantage from my services, I am more than willing to help them and players. I have helped Mexico in winning gold medals in number of top tournaments and trained Cesar Salazar, who is Mexico’s first player to break into PSA top 20,” he added.

Rehman also talked about long term plans for the PSF. He said: “The PSF needs to work on long term planning, while short term solution is also there, which will produce desired results in few months. But to achieve big targets, the federation has to work on five or ten year’s plan, even if it does not produce a world champion or wins a major title. I have plans for the juniors and few senior players, who still can break into top 20. The players have to work on their mental and physical fitness. Now no one has time to train for hours, as majority of training is being done in the squash courts.”

“I have closely monitored some junior players and found that they are talented and able to become successful. If the PSF gives me free hand, I ensure that I will produce desired results in less than one year. I do not demand anything right now from the federation. I will receive remuneration only when the federation will feel positive changes in local players and find my work satisfactory. I am willing to work in reasonable price, as I want to produce number of true champions for the country,” Rehman concluded.