ISLAMABAD        -    A Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) female student on Saturday died at Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic Hospital allegedly receiving late medical treatment at campus medical centre, which the university administration denied. Some of the students on social media reported the incident that a gender studies student on complaint of headache was shifted to the medical centre of the QAU, where no doctor was available to treat her in emergency. The student was later taken to Polyclinic hospital where she remained at Intensive Care Unit for almost 24 hours but breathed her last. Some of the students claim that there was no doctor available at centre when ailing student was shifted there in emergency. An official also said that Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of QAU also does not have a MBBS degree and he is biologist which is negligence at the part of the university. However, QAU VC Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shah denied any negligence on the part of the university and said that the student only remained for five minutes in the centre and she was provided healthcare by a lady doctor. He said that MO Dr. Uzma Masood who resides at walking distance from the medical centre reached there and gave her a pain killer as the deceased student complained of headache. He also said that university examined the student’s medical history, she never had visited the university medical centre before, but had clinical history of brain tumour. The VC added that when the student came, medical centre and dispensary were open, student was given medical aid and then she returned to hostel. He said later her health situation did not get stable and she was shifted to Polyclinic hospital where she remained admitted for 24 hours and then unfortunately passed away. Responding about the qualification of CMO he said that the appointment was made ten years before and could be taken and checked as a separate matter, but the deceased student was examined by lady doctor Uzma Masood.

He said that there was no negligence on the part of university, and it has provided the medical facilities to students as much as possible in the medical centre.