SHEIKHUPURA (Online) At least eight Christians died and 12 others sustained injuries in a road accident as their passenger bus collided with a tree near Farooqabad Police Station on Sunday. Police said a passenger van loaded with Christians departed from Lahore to participate in Muqaddas Mela, Maryam Abad in Khanka Dogran, District Sheikhupura. However, the van got out of control due to overspeeding on Sargodha Road near Far-ooqabad and collided with a tree. As a result, eight persons died on the spot, while 12 others were injured severely. Only three dead bodies were identified, while the rest of five could not been recognised. The injured were rushed to nearby Farooqabad hospital for medical treatment. The rescue teams have to cut the body of the van to take out dead bodies and injured people.