KARACHI Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday alleged that corrupt politicians and generals had broken the country by denying the mandate of Mujeebur Rehman-led Awami League (AL). Addressing Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) annual aid distribution ceremony at KKF office, Altaf said nobody could stop revolution in Pakistan and he was ready to return to be a part of that revolution. I have submitted my request to MQM Rabita Committee to allow me to return to my homeland to be a part of a revolution, initiated by the common man, he said. He urged the people to gird up their loins and wait for his call for revolution in the country. He also asked the authorities to support the revolution. I do not have any property anywhere; no leader of the country can match me in status that once I was during army operation in 1992 when I did not have even a single penny to buy food. I have seen and felt hunger. I earned my bread and butter from a pushcart on the roads, he recalled. He maintained he did not want to be prime minister or president, he only wished Pakistan to exist and a revolution, one can stop the upcoming revolution that was emerging fast in the country, he opined. Altaf said landlords, after making breaches, diverted the floodwaters towards the areas of the poor. The Supreme Court should take a stern action against all those who have criminally made breaches in the embankments, he demanded. He said that the political leaders were analysing his statement and declaring it as against the democracy. Which democratic system shall be allowed to continue in the country: The rotten system which has been running for the last 63 years in the country? Rather it is a feudal system, he said. Where are the politicians in this hour of test, who have made billions from this country, the MQM chief asked. He called on the Army to use its powers against the plunderers and not the common people. Commenting on the KKF relief activities for the flood-hit people, he said that that the MQM had provided more than Rs250 million aid to the flood victims across the country so far and the process was going on. Thousands of MQM workers are working in the flood affected areas, he pointed out. He directed the MQM workers not to wear new clothes on Eid rather to distribute these clothes among the children of the affected areas.