ISLAMABAD - Undoubtedly 6th September remains the apogee in our 63 years of history since independence for it was on this day that the armed forces of Pakistan displaying exemplary bravery and sacrifice successfully beat back the aggression of Indian forces. This was said by Chief of the Naval Staff Noman Bashir in his message on Defence Day. He said Pakistan Navy, like other services had written a new saga of courage and valour in 65 war, when its fleet carried out massive bombardment on Dwarka shore in broad-day light. Such terrorised was the Indian Navy that entire Indian fleet remained bottled-up in harbour and did not dare contest PN operations through out the war. Noman maintained that besides military heroics, the other most remarkable aspect of 1965 war was the unflagging national unity and rock-solid bond that existed between the masses and armed forces adding that the whole nation gelled together during the war which made it possible to overcome this threat to our very survival. This year 6th September would come at a time when our motherland, caught up in the worst floods of our history, was facing multiple crises and challenges, he said. We therefore needed to not just glorify the feats of our armed forces but more importantly, revive the same spirit of nationhood and unity that remains the forte of the 65 war. The challenges are again unprecedented that threaten to unravel the progress of yester years and weaken us internally. On its part, Pakistan Navy continued to play its part in rendering all out support to the flood-affected areas South of Sukkur and around Indus Delta. Navy had committed all its available resources and was engaged in the biggest rescue and relief operation of the countrys history, he added.