LAHORE - Eid shopping is gaining momentum in the City day by day and number of buyer is also increasing in the markets rapidly despite financial crunch, wave of terrorism and disaster like situation due to floods in the country, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed on Sunday. However, due to worst crisis, which country is facing these days and the number of shoppers is not thronging the markets so promptly but prices of all the products such as cloth, shoes, bangles, toys, sweets and other commodities increased swiftly as compare to the previous year and further are going beyond the purchasing power of the masses. Retail prices of children, mens and womens wear, both home made and imported, rose by 20 to 30 per cent than the last year. The volume of transaction is relatively low this year as compare to the previous years when the markets were humming with Eid shopping crowd. However, on this Eid, Lahorites as usual seemed busy in preparation of Eid so they could celebrate it with traditional zeal and religious fervour, closing their eyes to financial as well as other crisis. Despite all such circumstances and financial crunch, markets across the City are seen busy selling their commodities to the buyers. The throng of customers at the shopping centres starts in the morning and continues till midnight. Further, with rapidly increasing number of buyers, traffic mess observed in the Citys busy markets including Naqi Market The Mall, Panorama Centre, Liberty, Anarkali, Fortress Stadium, Defence, Moon Market, Madina Market, Link Model Town Road, Shah Alam Market, Kashmiri Bazaar. Meanwhile, a large number of makeshift shops have sprung up on the pavements of the City on Eid. The buyers, mostly belonging to lower and middle class, are found moving from shop to shop asking prices of goods while roadside footpath shops and small shops of lower price market are found more crowded than the big shopping malls. However, upper class buyers are crowding different big shopping centres, while the low-income group people are also seen purchasing their desired items from the footpath shops in the City. On the occasion, trader community also seemed glad due to this seasonal business after a long break in business activities. However, some traders and shopkeepers were showing disappointing attitude despite their sale increased during the holy month of Ramazan particularly during last week before Eid. They said the prevailing circumstances in the country destroyed their business and they were bearing loss. They were of the view that due to severe financial crisis, they hardly were earning bread for their families after paying rent of shops, utility bills and other taxes.