Only one parliamentarian turned up for hearing out of nine including two Federal Ministers in pursuance of the Election Commission's summon in fake degree case; consequently EC has decided to refer case of Federal Minister Mir Israullah Khan Zahri to Session judge for further action after he failed to appear despite being summoned thrice. According to the details consequent upon calling one member of National Assembly Maulana Abdullah appeared for his defence in the Election Commission on Monday whereas representatives of Federal Minister Hamayoon Aziz Kurd, Members National Assembly syed Salman Mohsin Gilani and Akhund Zada Chittan, Member Khyber Pakhtoonkwa Assembly Gulistan Khan and Provincial Minister Sports Syed Aqil Shah appeared before the committee and apprised reasons of absence of their members. Election Commission therefore has decided to call them again after Eid. However the dates has not been finalized yet. Maulana Abdullah has also been called again after Eid. While briefing, regarding verification of degrees the representative of Higher Education commission, Prince Abdul Rahim Channa told on the occasion that HEC has verified 424 degrees up till now wherein 374 have been found genuine and 50 bogus while 12 degrees had not been provided yet by EC for verification. On the other hand Senator Muhabat Mari reached election commission without being summoned on the occasion and remained insistent that his degree was genuine. During the proceedings against parliamentarians holding spurious and unauthentic degrees the officials of HEC remained present.