Israeli Finance Ministry has issued a tender asking commercial airlines to design an advanced airplane having features similar to the Air Force One, the Boeing aircraft used to ferry the US president. The new plane could either be exclusively designated for VIP transport; or a commercial plane which can be made available for state use at a moment's notice; or a long-term lease with an airline that will configure one of its aircraft for state use within 72 hours, Xinhua reported citing local daily Yediot Aharonoth. Experts quoted in the report estimate the Israeli Prime Minister's Office will choose to sign a contract for a Boeing 767 that will continue to fly regular commercial flights and be converted for state use on short notice. It will also have to offer high availability over the next 15 years and be able to fly at least 10,000 km without having to land for refueling. The Israeli Air Force One will have rooms built into modular platforms, connectable in segments for easy reconfiguration and sporting amenities. Additional features will include a business suite for senior officials, a multi-media conference room, encrypted satellite communication gear, space for aides and body guards and countermeasures against shoulder-fired missiles.