LARKANA The human tragedy, originated after a breach in Tori Bund on River Indus, is still unfolding with millions of people displaced so far as floodwaters washed away huge swathes of the rich farmland in upper Sindh including the districts of Larkana, Qamber-Shahdadkot, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Kashmore-Kandhkot and Dadu. The gushing floodwaters on Sunday continued building pressure on the protective embankments of Johi town while some union councils located nearby were already submerged in water. Meanwhile, the Indus Highway was also inundated near Mehar, the largest town of Dadu district housing around 0.3 million people. As water level rose alarmingly, which threatened the embankments around Hamal Lake in Qamber, four gates were opened after which water was discharged into MNV Drain towards Warah, Nasirabad and Mehar. Apart from Khairpur Nathan Shah, other important towns inundated so far include Seeta Road, Phulji, Manghano and Kothi while around 500 villages are the latest among the areas covered by floodwaters. On the other hand, the breach in Suprio Bund widened up to 500 feet and the overflowing water posed more devastation for many areas of Dadu like that of Mehar. Alarmed by looming destruction, a large number of people from Bhan Saeedabad came out of homes to voice their concerns over the inadequate measures taken to protect their lives and properties. Dadu City remained physically disconnected from Larkana, Sukkur and other areas. Khairpur Nathan Shah, with a population of over 0.2 million people, was now completely submerged, while some marooned people were still waiting to be rescued. It is worth recalling that overwhelming majority had vacated the town during past three days. Efforts were on to evacuate the people from flooded areas and shifting them to safer places, especially Larkana, where the influx of IDPs from Mehar, Warah, Nasirabad, Phulji, Seeta Road and other areas had stretched the civic service. The ill-fated migrating families had occupied all the government schools and colleges, buildings, parks and playgrounds while the railway track and even the footpaths are not exceptions. Lack of clean water and hygienic conditions had resulted in break out of gastro and other waterborne diseases besides skin infections. The number of complaints is growing over the shortage of quality food, medicines, potable water and basic amenities at relief camps. The govt has failed to provide transport to the affectees as people from the nearby villages of Lashkar Khan, Qazi Arif and others are forced to pay Rs5,000 to Rs8,000 to reach Larkana while those from Mehar are being charged Rs20,000. Meanwhile, a special train started shuttling between Larkana and Seeta Road to bring and house the flood victims at Moen-Jo-Daro, where the relief camps have been set up for accommodating them. Agencies add: We are trying our best to protect Johi town, threatened by ravaging floodwaters, district administration chief Iqbal Memon told AFP. The town, which is 315 kilometres north of Karachi, has a population of 60,000 and officials fear that floodwaters will breach surrounding embankments unless they are quickly strengthened. The floodwaters are fast heading towards Johi town after inundating most parts of Khairpur Nathan Shah town and Mehar town and several surrounding villages in Dadu district, he said. We are right now employing all available means to strengthen the protective embankments around Johi but the threat still remains, he said, adding that 70 percent of the towns population had already fled to safer areas. Memon said 90 per cent of the people of Khairpur Nathan Shah, Mehar town and surrounding villages, with a joint population of around 300,000, had fled to nearby towns that have been spared by floods. However, a few thousand people who remain stranded in Khairpur Nathan Shah, Mehar town and surrounding villages are being evacuated to safety by naval boats and helicopters. Johi citys ground link with Saeedabad, Sehwan Sharif and Dadu has been disrupted due to inundation. Meanwhile, army troops rescued 300 people from the flooded Jati town of Badin and 47 from Khairpur Nathan Shah to safer places, the military said in a statement.