LAHORE Anybody who was not in the ranks of the PML-N during the Musharraf era would stand disqualified for the offices of the president and secretary of the divisional and district organisations, elections for which have already been delayed by a few months in the context of the devastating floods. A senior party leader Senator Pervaiz Rashid disclosed here on Sunday that people who did not have at least five-year standing in the party would not be permitted contest the election for lower tiers The new 'loyalty meter has been introduced to encourage those who stood by the party when it was passing through the most difficult period of its life. Gen Musharraf had weakened the countrys most popular party by carving out a 'kings party, subsequently named as PML-Q, which contested the 2002 polls and ruled the country for a full five-year term when the Sharif family was in exile in Saudi Arabia. Many people who had changed their loyalties just to enjoy the privileges of power are now willing to rejoin the PML-N. However, the new qualifications set for the divisional and district office-bearers will keep such people away from important positions. Senator Pervaiz said that party elections were due to be completed by the end of the previous month (August). However, the floods forced the leadership to review the plan. He said now most of the people were taking part in the rescue and relief activities, because of which holding of the party polls was not possible. All party organizations had been dissolved in September last year. Mian Nawaz Sharif had directed the leaders to complete the electoral process by March 23 last. In April, it was decided that the intra-party polls would be completed by September. Senator Pervaiz Rashid said the PML-N had also changed the order of the elections for various tiers. He said it was for the first time that the elections at the lower-tiers would be held first and then the process would go upwards.