LAHORE A former Pakistan Test cricketer has conveyed to the ICC that some players used hidden mobile phones in their helmets during cricket matches. The use of mobile phones by players is strictly forbidden anywhere on the ground during an international match under ICC regulations. When a PCB official was contacted, he denied having any knowledge of the letter. However, Britains Telegraph claimed on Sunday that the ACU had been conveyed by a former Test cricketer of the mobile phones being used under cover. The former Test cricketer, who the Telegraph claims wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said he rang the ACSU hotline after being told recently of the claim by the current Pakistan player. The phone was hidden inside the right earpiece of the helmet of the player waiting to bat, he alleged. My reaction was one of disbelief, the former Test cricketer said on Saturday. I had reason to suspect things were going on in international cricket, and you never had total confidence in certain games because of the rumours about match fixing and spot fixing. But when I was told about this player with the mobile inside his helmet, I was flabbergasted. On Saturday, the Pakistan one-day captain, Shahid Afridi, apologised on behalf of Butt, Asif and Amir. I think it is very bad news, he said in Cardiff. I think on behalf of these players - I know they are not in this series - but on behalf of these boys I want to say sorry.