ISLAMABAD Government is once again in hot water following the declaration of the status of both the Acting Chairman National Accountability Bureau Javid Zia Qazi and Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir as unconstitutional by Supreme Court of Pakistan. Prosecutor General NAB Irfan Qadir had relinquished the charge of his office after the apex courts verdict while Deputy Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi, who was also performing the duties of Acting Chairman NAB, went back to his assigned duties. It is for the first time since its formation that NAB is without a chairman and the prosecutor general, the key posts on which the whole functions of the department hinges. Sources in the government informed that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had expressed his dismay over the current state of affairs and directed the Ministry of Law and Justice to complete the spadework and furnish a list of candidates for the slot of Chairman NAB so that he would finalise a name for the slot in consultation with the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly. It was further informed that Prime Minister Gilani had also taken up the matter with President Asif Ali Zardari and it was agreed in the meeting that Ministry of Law and Justice should be asked to expedite the process of appointment of the Chairman NAB. Meanwhile, the sources in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) informed that instead of going for appointment of new chairman NAB the party would force the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party to pass the new accountability law. As for the appointment of the Chairman NAB the consultation with Leader of Opposition is mandatory so PML-N is in a position to pressurise the government to go about legislation for new accountability law instead of appointing chairman of the existing NAB. Sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party informed that after the planned ouster of former Chairman NAB Navid Ahsan Ministry of Law had decided to run the affairs of the bureau though hand-picked men and that was the reason the process of appointment of new Chairman NAB was put in the loop. Legal and constitutional experts commenting on the situation said that under the law and constitution, the government was bound to appoint its chairman at the earliest as the department was dysfunctional after the removal of Prosecutor General while the law did not permit Deputy Chairman NAB to acquire the status of Acting Chairman NAB. These experts said that the decision and orders passed by the Deputy Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi and Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir during their stay in their offices were of no legal and constitutional value.