LAHORE - Imamia Students Organisation Pakistan, Lahore Division, staged a protest demonstration on Sunday outside the Lahore Press Club against the terrorist attacks on the rally taken out to show solidarity with the Palestinians on Youmul Qudas - 23rd Ramazan - in Quetta. The students from universities attended the demonstration and chanted anti-Israel and anti-America slogans. The students were carrying placards inscribed with the condemnation of the terrorist attacks and the firing incidents on 23rd Ramazan occurred in Quetta. The protesters also condemned the attacks on the mourning procession at Karbala Gamay Shah Lahore on 21st Ramazan. Addressing the protesters, Allama Iqbal Kamrani, Kashif Kazmi, and others said that the rally was taken out in favour of Palestinians and was attended by the people from Shia and Sunni sects. He said that the Muslims belonging to the Shia and Sunni sects were martyred in the rally as they were showing solidarity with their Palestinian brothers. They added that the terrorists could be from those who had also occupied the Palestine for last 63 years. The speakers termed the attack on the rally in Quetta an attack on Palestinian Movement for Freedom. They demanded of the government to arrest the attackers after their identification for awarding them punishment.