ISLAMABAD SHV Energy Pakistan has said that it is completely following the directives of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) regarding the notified prices of LPG. We have never been non-compliant to any of the OGRA directives and are currently adhering to the prices notified by them for companies marketing imported LPG, spokesman SHV Mohsin said. He strongly refuted the allegations made in a section of the press that SHV (Super Gas) had refused to implement the LPG prices notified by OGRA. He said that SHV reserved the right to take necessary legal action against such elements that tried to malign its image and misstate facts in the press for their own vested interests. Due to prolonged closure of our major supplier PARCO caused by the recent floods, we have imported about 5,700 tons of LPG to meet the shortfall in supplies and to ensure availability of LPG to our customers at considerably higher costs while facing the current adverse road conditions due to floods, he maintained. SHV remains committed to ensure consistent supplies to its markets, thus despite of price increase of $55 per ton for September CP, has booked another ship carrying around 3,300 tons LPG; due to arrive shortly. We are supplying LPG to our distributors at reasonable rates to make sure they remain in the ambit of current OGRA notified prices, he added.