One of the mysteries I would like solved, but which I think will remain one, is what happens to traffic in Ramazan. The only thing new Ive seen is the shopper-carriers, especially close to iftar time. The shopper-carrier may be on a motorbike, a bike or just plain walking, but however he chooses to move, the shopper contains something savoury for iftar. And since Lahoris are famous for the food they eat, you can bet that it will be something savoury indeed. After all, theres a whole cuisine associated with Ramazan, which would be funny because its supposed to be a month of fasting, but since Lahoris are so concerned about food, its only natural for Ramazan to be associated with particular dishes. In fact, it was probably inevitable. However, while the floods made it difficult to celebrate the Holy Month as it deserved, the national cricket team made it impossible. I suppose hardened gamblers dont pay any attention to Ramazan, which might explain why our lads were so willing to make the agreements they did with the representative of the bookies. If nothing else, the cricketers have shown they are not particular about when they make their money. Nor are they very particular about Ramazan. Of course, they have not taken the plea that they have done nothing wrong, though they have claimed to have done nothing. That in particular seems to be a time-tested technique, tried successfully elsewhere. After all, parliamentarians defended their lack of degrees tigerishly. So for bookies, gamblers and match fixers to claim they hadnt done anything seems to be eminently reasonable. Are we to assume they havent even been playing? The most important thing in this whole imbroglio, the focus on which the entire nation was concentrating (well, at least one family) the fate of ijaz Butt, has been decided, and the patron of cricket, the President, has proved his love of the game by making it clear that he will not be dismissed. How did he prove his love of the game? By appointing Ijaz Butt in the first place. Anyone talking about anyone enjoying a flutter is merely spreading calumnies based on false rumours. And Ijaz Butts appointment was purely aboveboard and on merit. Ask Ch Ahmad Mukhtar. I know that the blasts on the occasion of Hazrat Alis death anniversary were not meant to protest the fresh evidence, but were part of the work of the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, which did not so much claim responsibility, as boastfully and proudly proclaim it. The deaths of so many Shia brothers may affect us Pakistanis negatively, but we should remember that Americans look on Shias as representatives of Iran, which it has declared as a part of the Axis of Evil, and has been preparing to invade. So whenever there is some terrorism that targets Shias, I dont ask where the anti-Shia organizations are, but Blackwater. And since the blasts took place in Lahore, where Blackwater is known to be active, the conclusion is obvious. Of course, there is an attempt to blame it on India. That might well be, for these days there is no difference between Indians and Americans, with both wanting to do down Iran. The blast shows the so-called 'Punjabi Taliban are back at what they do best, which is killing fellow Muslims. That they chose Karbala Gamay Shah shows that they equated it with Data Darbar, which it is quite near. I do remember the anti-Shia riots of 1986. Thats a long time ago, but I can still remember the slogans being raised against Gamay Shah by a mob of Lahori louts, who had become anti-Shia for the day, probably because it afforded so many opportunities for mindless violence. As Eid approaches, I suppose we should focus on mundane worries, like where were going to find the necessary Eidees. I suppose a sign of decreasing prosperity is mothers exercising their privilege of taking over their kids Eidees. Normally, the kids are left to gorge themselves silly on the (literally) flavour of the month, but in hard times, prudent mothers take over what their kids take in. And since this is the Eid when kids make their collections, the circulation of wealth should be noticeable. But for any normal-sized family, the collection should be equal to the payout, making this a revenue-neutral exercise, on a no-profit no-loss basis.