Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, NI (M),TBT

Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force

1.    It was on the 6th of September, 1965 that the Defence Forces of Pakistan made history by thwarting the heinous attempt of the enemy to attack our sacred homeland.  On this historic day, the defenders of the nation, defeated their much larger adversary in an exemplary manner and proved that they possess the same ‘sterling spirit’ as that of their illustrious predecessors.

2.    During the War of 1965, the way the nation rose above all differences

of gender, age, caste, creed & religion and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Defence personnel for the noble cause of preserving freedom is still a rare example

in the history of the world. No doubt, today our pride as sovereign nation is due

to the dedicated endavours and resilience of our ancestors. Hence, it is now incumbent upon us to rigidly follow in their footsteps and take lead in rendering supreme sacrifices for the benefit and glory of our beloved country. This is what our Quaid envisaged, and very clearly stated during address to Civil, Military, Naval and Air Force officers of Pakistan on 11 October, 1947.

“--- get down to the task of building our state on strong and firm foundations, a state which should be fit for our children to live in. This requires work. Work, work and more work.  --- you should remember that for us war has not ended. It has only just begun and if we are to fight it to victory, we will have to put

in super-human efforts.”

3.    In keeping with the vision of Quaid, although the War of 1965, ended

on a note of victory for Pakistan, yet we must remember that the struggle to survive with honour and dignity is to continue, with even more zeal and fervour. No wonder we can make our mark as a progressive nation, based on our indomitable spirit, relentless hard work and undying love for the country.  

4.    My Dear Countrymen!  On this significant day, I feel pleased to convey that Pakistan Air Force has inducted state-of-the-art weapon systems and equipment, and is determined to achieve its mission of facing challenges to its national security in the best possible manner. May Allah Almighty guide our endeavours and enable us to defend our motherland, in line with the wishes of the people of Pakistan.  Aameen.

Pakistan Air Force Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!