On the directives of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani, the officers of Peshawar police visited the mosques in their respective areas during Friday prayers for inviting the citizens of Peshawar to avail the services of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs).

The officers who addressed the Friday prayer congregations included SP City, SDPOs of City Division and SHOs of City Division.

The exercise was carried out as a part of mass contact campaign launched by the KP police to apprise the public about the utility and efficacy of Dispute Resolution Councils.

Driven by their mission statement, the facilitation of common citizens in prompt resolution of their trivial disputes without getting into expensive and frustratingly long litigations, the Dispute Resolution Councils are serving the populace in a commendable manner across the province.

The process, which started with the establishment of the first Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) in City Division Peshawar has successfully been spread at all district headquarters.

Comprising mature, apolitical, non-controversial and well-reputed members, the Dispute Resolution Councils have been mandated with task of amicable resolution of disputes, conducting fact finding enquiries and acting as jury in the conduct of controversial/contested investigations.

During their address to the Friday prayer congregations, the officers informed the participants about the nature, functions and performance of Dispute Resolution Councils since their inception.

The officers told the participants that the Dispute Resolution Councils, based on the concept of Restorative Justice System and similar to spirit of traditional jirgas are a perfect forum for them where they can get their issues resolved without any expenditure of fees.

The participants were urged to inform their friends and relatives about the councils and to support the efforts of KP Police to improve the quality of life for the citizens of KP. According to official spokesperson for KP police, the IG directed all the RPOs and DPOs to conduct such exercises in their respective areas and invite the citizens to avail the services of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRC), so, the citizenry can get their disputes resolved without being subjected to exploitation and unnecessary delays.