LAHORE - Pakistan Railways Employees (PREM) Union Senior Vice President Sh M Anwar has said that cancellation of President of China's visit to Pakistan has exposed the real agenda of leaders of sit-ins at Islamabad.

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In a statement on Friday, he alleged the both parties were following an international agenda in which it was being tried to topple the economic and defense relations between Pakistan and China, adding the nation would never allowed such conspiracies to be succeeded.

He fixed the responsibility of cancellation of the visit of Chinese president on the leaders of sit-ins and said the country would have to bear loss of about $32 billion agreements, however, he hoped the Chinese president would visit Pakistan soon and his visit would bring agreements which would positively affect economic and defense sectors including an agreement of investment of $4 billion for the improvement of Pakistan Railways improvement. Anwar condemned attacks on Pakistan Television building at Islamabad and said the protesters had crossed all ethical and legal limits.

He urged all political parties to play their impressive role to bring the country from the present crisis and said the constitution did not allow such non-democratic protest at any level.