When a political party has too many skeletons in their cupboard, it cannot afford to perform role of an effective opposition party, nor fulfill their designated constitutional roles. PPP leadership seems to be obsessed with compulsive disorder to continue patronizing institutionalized corruption and acquiring assets all over the world. Their unwillingness to reform their image, forces them to be a friendly opposition, irrespective of whether it is PML(N) or PTI which rules federation. While this strategy worked with both PML(N) and Musharraf, it remains to be seen whether they succeed with PTI led by Imran Khan who has a relatively clean record. 

All efforts by Bilawal to infuse some element of change in the party seem to fade away in front of Asif Zardari and his sister Faryal, who seem to prevail. After arrest of Anwar Majeed, PPP and AZ are once again under pressure. Previous stints as a party willing to compromise in return for favorable prosecution has worked with rewards such NRO and a mixture of pressure and relief under PML(N) government. It remains to be seen if PTI which has been vocal about across the board accountability succumbs to political compromise, and fulfils their promise to eradicate corruption and restore rule of law. 


Lahore, August 17.