LAHORE     -     PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that MTI Ordinance is a way to snatch whatever is left in the nearly empty pockets of the country’s sick and ailing poor.

Responding to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet on MTI Ordinance 2019, she termed it PTI regime’s latest assault on Pakistanis already crushed under the Everest of taxes and inflation. Marriyum said it was an attack on public healthcare system of the country. She said this system will eradicate all free treatment, medicines and tests from public hospitals and the people will have nowhere to go.

She said the sinister regime’s ordinance was basically an instrument to eliminate the poor through death by sufferings and no medical facilities, instead of working to eliminate poverty in the country.

This, she said, was the regime’s single most brutal assault on the hardworking Pakistanis with humble means. After taking away people’s livelihoods, they were now planning to take people’s lives, she lambasted.

She asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to show a single improvement in public hospitals in five years of PTI rule in KP. She said had there been anything to show for the five years of disaster, PTI wouldn’t have showed Punjab hospitals in their 2018 election campaign videos.

The former information minister said that it was a matter of great alarm and could not be allowed to take effect as it denied rights of the most vulnerable section of the society, the poor and ailing. She said the prime minister had become a grave danger to sovereignty and the very existence of Pakistan.