KARACHI - Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) on Thursday expressed concern over reduction in the water supply from Hub Dam to the city.

The KW&SB spokesperson said that due to the current drop in supply, an acute water shortage had developed in the metropolis.

The spokesperson said that the shutting of gates of the Hub Canal by Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) on April 3 had deprived Karachi of 60million gallons of water, out of total 100 million gallons. “Resultantly, District West is facing severe shortage of water,” he informed.

The spokesperson regretted that millions of people had been left with scarce water in this scorching heat due to the step taken by WAPDA.

“Various parts in the District West, including Baldia Town, Surjani Town, Orangi Town, Qasba Colony, Banaras, North Nazimabad, Saeedabad, SITE Town, Frontier Colony, Faqeer Colony, Fareed Colony, Metrovil, Ittehad Town, Mawach Goth and others have been badly affected because of the water crisis,” he added.

The spokesperson said it was unfortunate that despite the fact that KW&SB had contacted the concerned director of WAPDA and asked him to resume the supply, the latter did not pay any heed to the issue.

He took exception to WAPDA director’s argument that water supply had been reduced due to non-payment of dues by the Sindh Government and Water Board to WAPDA.

“Dues are being paid to WAPDA as per the set installment plan,” KW&SB spokesperson said, and added, “Water board had paid an installment of Rs2million in February 2017 to WAPDA on account of its dues while another installment of Rs2million would be paid soon.”

The spokesperson lamented that despite the payment of dues, WAPDA’s project director had refused to restore 100million gallons water supply from the Hub Dam.

“KWSB appeals to the WAPDA chairman to take notice of the issue and direct the concerned officials to restore supply from the Hub Dam,” he said, and warned WAPDA that it would be responsible in case people became reactionary.