PESHAWAR - After a gap of seven long years, Pakistan Television’s Peshawar station has produced an Urdu drama serial, “Gul-e-Sang”, written by renowned poet Aziz Ijazi that revolves around themes including ‘Swara’ culture and respect of woman in the society.

Artists who performed in the drama serial include Ghulam Muhayuddin, Prof Khamis, Batin Farooqi, Tariq Jamal, Najeebullah Anjum, Shazam Haleem, Iman, Saima, Faria Waseem, Saleem Shah and Sabir Khan.

Aziz Ijazi while talking to journalists on Thursday said the drama was a unique collection of prominent artists of the country. Artists from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) as well as other provinces have performed in the drama serial having 13 episodes.

He added that the serial was mainly about un-Islamic social practices prevailing in the society including ‘Swara’ and other customs. The serial also stresses upon the role and dignity of woman in society, he said. He added that all artists contributed significant roles in the serial and all of them were striving day and nights to make it a successful endeavour to entertain the people.

Prominent film actor Ghulam Muhayudin said he had played the role of a sardar in the drama which he said was a leading role. In the serial, people of the village bring their conflicts to the sardar and he mediates among the people in clashes and disputes of villagers. He said the drama would be a strong voice against the un-Islamic culture of Swara. Ghulam Muhayudin further said the viewers would see several artists from different parts of the country working together, which he said would portray an image of national cohesion.

Batin Farooqi, a prominent drama artist, said Pakistan Television (PTV) was their home and they loved to work for PTV. He said despite huge burden of work, he also rushed to the PTV whenever called.

Other Actors including Isharat Abbas, Sabir Khan and Saleem Shah also spoke about their characters in “Gul-e-Sang”. They appreciated the efforts of General Manager PTV Peshawar Amjad Javed and Chairman PTV Attaul Haq Qasmi for motivating each station to produce their own plays. Due to poor law and order situation in KP, artists were rarely seen recording for dramas and “Gul-e-Sang” is the only play recorded after 2010.  In 2010, Aziz Ijazi’s drama “Fasilon Ke Darmian” was recorded and telecasted by PTV Peshawar station.

From 2010 to 2017, only Urdu documentaries were produced by prominent documentary writer and PTV producer at Peshawar station, Ibrahim Kamal. He produced two documentaries, one on Budha civilisation, titled “Ahd-e-Rafta” and one on Indus river civilisation, titled “Bond Bond Darya (Azeem Darya Ke Kahani)”.

On the occasion, Amjad Javed expressed hope that PTV Peshawar station would work with the same spirit in days to come to revive its old position.