LAHORE-A cigar, perfectly groomed beard, colored eyes and a pistol is all the charismatic Ali Rehman Khan needs to slay a perfectly villainous image in the latest music video released in our music industry- Adha Adha, sung by Shani Arshad.

The hip song has been sung and composed by the man himself, with heartfelt lyrics provided by Sabir Zafar. Ali Rehman Khan has portrayed a bad-boy avatar in the music video that aligns well with the lyrics of the song.

He is seen as a well-dressed contract-killer with a devil-may-care attitude, which comes across a couple in a physically abusive relationship. His eyes follow the tormented woman all through the video and you end up wondering if it would ultimately result in a connection.

With studs his ears and cigar smoke all around him, the jacket-clad Ali Rehman’s intense gaze has the potential to melt your heart.

Ali Rehman Khan for us has always been a jolly and a happy-go-lucky character. Be it as ‘Daniyal’ from ‘Janaan’ or ‘Bash’ from ‘Parchi’, he is surely one of the most energetic and entertaining actors in the industry. But this music video has forced us to imagine him playing a baddie. He can easily be the Pablo Escobar of Pakistan entertainment industry.