Muslims in the Sambrial city observed 27th night of Ramazan as expected Lailatul Qadr with religious zeal and fervor and also celebrated Independence Day of Pakistan.

Special congregations were held in the mosques where they sought forgiveness from Almighty Allah. Scholars highlighted the importance of Lailatul Qadr and said that the worship during that one night is better than worship done in thousands of months. Various Islamic scholars said the night is especially important for Pakistani Muslims since it was same night 65 years ago when the country came into being. Tanzeem-e-Islami, a religious organisation, observed Ramazan 27 as the Independence Day. Tanzeem held special sermons about the link between Islam and Pakistani Muslims.

They called Pakistan a special gift from Allah. Gatherings were held in main and hundreds of other mosques in the city. The faithful decorated the mosques and the people who are observing Aitekaf also passed the night worshipping and seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah and reciting Holy Quran.

During Lailatul Qadr, the Holy Quran was revealed. The Muslims hold special worships during the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramazan. Majority of scholars believe 27th of Ramazan is Lailatul Qadr. There is even a special Surah mentioning Lailatul Qadr.

According to an Islamic scholar, the coming down of angels from skies is a special gift from Allah and it is a sign of spirituality and honour for Muslims. In addition, women also observed the night with special arrangements at homes. They offered prayers and recited Holy Quran. Muslims observe the night as a way to plead for Allah’s forgiveness.