ISLAMABAD- Former Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has given final task to his lawyers to resort to courts in connection with defamation suit against PTI chief Imran Khan .

Former CJP lawyers have filed appeal plea against Registrar Supreme Court (SC) decision wherein it has been said that decisions of the cases become public property after they were announced and providing their copy was not in any way breach of law, constitution or rules of SC.

Ahsan ud Din Sheikh, counsel for former CJP told the media he had filed appeal against SC registrar decision in the matter of providing of copies of affidavit filed by Imran Khan in the court in contempt of court case against him and attested copy of decision of the case. In this appeal plea all the objections raised by registrar SC have been removed.

He said that legal period of 14 days had elapsed after the serving of defamation notice to Imran Khan and on the other hand Imran Khan has neither retracted his statement nor had he offered apology to Iftikhar Chaudhry , therefore, it had become essential that court be approached with regard to defamation suit against him. For this purpose it is necessary that the statement which he had filed in the SC  in contempt of court against him that he would not give any statement in future against the court is needed now because if this statement is provided to us then former CJP would be able to provide solid evidence in support of his claim. Therefore, the decision of registrar SC be declared void and attested copies of Imran Khan affidavit and decision of the case be provided, he added.