LAHORE - As the pressure is mounting on the government with every passing day to give in to the demands of the PTI and the PAT, the PPP leadership sees a new model of intervention taking its shape to incapacitate the civilian government.

The PPP circles suspect that under the new scheme of things, the military establishment would get the things done without direct intervention by acting behind the curtain.

“There would be no martial law or dictatorship and yet the civilian government’s capacity to make decisions independent of the establishment would be curtailed to a greater extent,” a senior PPP leader privy to behind-the-scene manoeuvrings told The Nation.

The PPP government was also kept under constant pressure throughout five years which largely eroded its authority to make important decisions of vital importance, he added.

Commenting on the current situation, another PPP leader said he viewed the current pressure tactics being applied on the present government as the continuation of establishment’s policy of treading on civilian government’s toes by creating one issue after the other. According to him, August 14 would pass without any change as the government in his view is most likely to accept most of the demands of PTI chief Imran Khan.

The PPP leaders also view the imposition of article 245 in this perspective and thinks that some PML-N men more loyal to their khaki friends have ill-advised the government with the ulterior motive of landing it in trouble.

They believe that when completely in force, the said article would render the government ineffective in many respects. It would take away high court’s powers to protect the fundamental rights under article 199 and the citizens would be deprived of at least 11 fundamental rights.

And when the army gets deeply involved into civilian matters exercising powers under this article, it would be very difficult for the government to withdraw it, they argued.0

Already, Senator Farhatullah Babar has submitted an adjournment motion in the Senate to discuss implications of invoking this article.

The Opposition led by the PPP is also mounting pressure on the government in the National Assembly to withdraw this article whose implications may prove dangerous for democracy.

Sources in the PPP said that they were confident that the government would take back this decision sooner than later.