Azadi march will derail only the political monarchy of the PML-N rulers and not derail democracy in the country, a PTI leader said on Wednesday.

“The PTI is intending to bring a transparent, true democracy, not allowing the rulers at any cost to further rule the depressed by becoming monarch in shape of their self-styled democracy,” said PTI’s Central Deputy Secretary General Umer Farooq Dar while addressing a press conference at Jinnah House Sialkot.

He said that his party was taking to the streets to ensure the rule of law, supremacy of the Constitution in its original form and protection of the democratic rights of masses. He added that the PTI was ready for any sacrifice to ensure transparent, peaceful, independent, fair and impartial elections.

He said that the scheduled long march would pave the way for ouster of the N rulers with the power of the masses who were committed to seeing a new Pakistan under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan.

He said that it wanted political and economic stability in pure and transparent democratic way besides promoting the true and durable democracy, democratic norms and values in the country. He said that there was a dire need of capable, true and sincere leaders to pull the country out of the persisting crises and internal and external dangers.

He noted that only the PTI had a capable, true and sincere leadership which was striving to rid the nation of the crises. He added that the incompetent and so-called political leaders were deciding the fate of the whole nation, plundering the national exchequer, violating the rights of the people and playing the political games for their vested interests. He said that they were unable to think positively for the betterment of the country.

He hoped that the true and sincere leadership of his party would soon be in power to ensure merit in every sphere of life. He said that the winds of change were blowing in the country and the time was ripe to oust the rulers from power. He alleged that they had plundered the mandate of the masses given to the PTI in the 2013 general elections. He noted that the rulers who stole the PTI’s mandate have no right to stay in power and to rule the nation.

He asked the PML-N rulers to quit voluntarily in the larger national interest otherwise the masses would oust them from the power. He said that the nation wanted to have peace, political and economic stability, justice, merit and employment, and PTI was working on this agenda.

He  urged the party workers and the common public to come on the roads and participate in the PTI’s Azadi march towards Islamabad on August 14 to save their future of the country and build a new Pakistan as envisaged by Quaid-I-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said that the PML-N government had lost its writ and political goodwill, as the people wanted change.