People belonging to various walks of life ripped to shreds the district administration for its failure to protect one of the biggest and historic graveyard of Kasur from land grabbers.

The land around the ancient Daemul Hazoori Graveyard at Catain Naseem Hayat Road was being devoured by the land grabbers. It is learnt. The graveyard, according to the official record of the local revenue, covered some 500 kanals of land and is surrounded by the roads including the one to the DCO office Complex.

Land mafia, backed by some influential persons, has started selling the land or occupying it by erecting boundary walls. Despite repeated complaints and protests, the district administration has turned a deaf ear to the issue while the parliamentarians are seldom available to address the grievance of the people.

The residents of Kasur have demanded the Punjab chief minister should look into the matter and order the construction of boundary walls of the graveyard so that it could be secured from the clutches of land mafia. They also demanded retrieval of the land of the graveyard.