ISLAMABAD - It seems that Khwaja Asif will be requesting the masses soon to pray for rains, as hot and humid weather across the country has increased the demand of electricity and, thus, the loadshedding has increased to more than 18 hours.

Met office predicted on Wednesday that there is no chance of change in weather in near future. According to Met office, the weather is humid across the country and it will remain the same in coming days.

In present situation, the government is unable to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of electricity, as it cannot generate power more than a certain limit.

A telephone survey by this scribe revealed that there are more than 18 hours power outages in many areas of the country and in some areas the situation is even worse. Khurram Alvi, a resident of Lahore, told that there is more than 12 hours loadshedding in the city.

Ashfaq Ahmed, a resident of a rural area of Punjab, said that there is more than 15 hours power outage in his village nowadays and sometimes it is around 18 hours.

The situation in rural areas of Punjab, which are always on the last priority of the government, is easily understandable when Lahore, the provincial capital, is suffering from more than 12 hours loadshedding.