The bodies of fiver miners who got trapped in a coalmine near the capital of Azad and Jammu Kashmir on Sunday evening were recovered by rescue officials on Monday.

A criminal case has been filed against the local administration of the leaseholder and contractor of the miners for violating the safety codes.

The mine is located in Seri Darra cillage, towards the east of Muzzaffarabad, at an hour-long drive though a steep hilly road.

On Sunday evening, around seven miners were occupied in digging coal some 800 feet inside the tunnel when the mine stoops collapsed due to a gas explosion.

The miners near the entrance of the tunnel managed to flee with only minor wounds however the rest were buried alive according to deputy commissioner Muzaffarabad Masoodur Rehman.

DC Rehman, SSP Raja Akmal and SHO City Police Station Rashid Habib Masoodi launched and supervised a rescue operation themselves until the last body was recovered at 4am on Monday.

SHO Masoodi identified the deceased as Nosherwan and his brother Bakht Munir; Bahadar Khan and Gulzeb from Gulbar village; and Aslam Khan from Amankot village of Swat.

The injured miners were identified as Bakhti Rohan, a sibling of the two deceased brothers, and Akbar Ali. All the victims were aged between 25 and 35 years.

SHO Rashid Habib Masoodi said that all the bodies were handed over to the victims' relatives after completion of procedural requirements.

Haji Faridoon Awan, a resident of Haripur (KP), and some of his local partners held the lease of the miners.

DC Rehman said that since the leaseholder and contractor had not followed the requisite safety standards, they were booked under Section 322 (qatl-bis-sabab) and section 337 of Azad Penal Code.

Six of them, including the leaseholder and contractor’s son, have been arrested, he said.

Furthermore he assured that the mine had also been sealed until all safety standards were put in place.

Taking preventive measures against such incidents, Rehman said that all the authorities concerned had been ordered to conduct a security audit of all the mines in his jurisdiction and bring them up to code.

Coal mining is a hazardous occupation owing to the fact that the upon the use of malfunctioning mining equipment the mines collapse due to incompetent rock, leakage or explosion of poisonous gases of the flat-lying strata.