LAHORE-The Coca-Cola musical platform that established 10 years ago as Coca-Cola Studio in Brazil has now spread across continents to countries including Pakistan, India, Middle East and Kenya.

From hip-hop to pop rock, Coca-Cola brand has embarked on countless journeys to create and preserve not only music of different genres but also the sounds of different nations to build on their heritage and create something beautiful.

 Among these initiatives, one that has certainly gained popularity and successfully continued its musical escapade for 10 years is Coke Studio Pakistan.

Creating a fusion of music inspired by the heritage of Pakistan, Coke Studio started off as a journey to gain back the sound of the nation. “Music was under major threat in this part of the world, there was no music anatomy or platform available to singers may they be young, old or emerging,” said Coca-Cola Pakistan’s brand team.

Over the years, Coke Studio has become the go to platform for established as well as aspiring singers and musicians to create a fusion of music as well as a platform for music lovers to connect with their heritage through pioneering sounds of different genres.

Coke Studio became the sound of our nation and has since produced exemplary music that is not only heard in Pakistan but across world. It has become a platform that accurately depicts the culture and heritage of Pakistan to the outside world, and has done such a tremendous job at it, that people from around the globe listen to their songs.

Season 8 witnessed record outreach in over 150 countries across the world, setting a new milestone for Coke Studio Pakistan. It was heard from India to Australia and Kenya to UK by millions of people who had some great things to say about Pakistan’s music scene. The Bollywood star, Hrithik Roshan highly regarded Ali Zafar’s song Rockstar in season 8 and tweeted Ali Zafar commending on the great performance.

Similarly, Coke Studio season 9 had almost 3.89 billion views on social platforms. What is more interesting is the fact that Coke Studio is most heard, not just in cities of Pakistan, but cities ranging across the world. While Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad are ranked among the top 10 cities where Coke Studio has a considerably high reach, the rest of the list consists of cities outside Pakistan. The growing reach of Coke Studio Pakistan is mostly evident in the Middle East and the Subcontinent but is also rising in other countries across Asia as well as the west. Mumbai and New Delhi are ranked among the top 10 cities with an immensely high number of Coke Studio views.

The platform has delivered some record breaking songs that have received an overwhelming response from music lovers across the world. The most internationally heard tracks are Afreen Afreen with over 93 million views, Tajdar-e-Haram which has crossed over 50 million+ in only a year, similarly Tera Woh Pyaar also crossing 50 million+ views on YouTube.

What is a bigger achievement is the fact that Coke Studio Pakistan has penetrated the Indian markets and given them a taste of the musical heritage of Pakistan. For several years in the past, a vast majority of the country’s music scene was primarily driven by Bollywood music. This began to change when Coke Studio became popular to the masses across the country and music lovers started to connect with our traditional fusion of music.

Ever since, Pakistani music has also created its mark in India and is well received by the audiences throughout the country. Coke Studio has over 6.3 million fans only through its Facebook page, of which over 1.6 million reach spans across India. Furthermore, this Season has been greatly well received in India so far with certain songs such as Afreen Afreen gaining popularity across the border.

The brand team of Coca-Cola Pakistan regarding the current Season 10 said, “Coming out of such massive success, the approach this year is to do something different instead of doing something better along the same lines.”

Last season’s popularity is already evident from its vast variety and various fusions of music which shows that the new formula of different music directors has worked for the music platform.

This leads to an even higher expectation for the upcoming Season both in audiences within and outside the country.