NOORPUR THAL - The PML-N believes in democratic stability and has always promoted politics of principles, said MNA Malik Shakir Bashir Awan and MPA Malik Waris Kallu.

Addressing a public gathering here, they said that public service record of the PML-N shows the political approach and vision of its leadership. They said that the elements doing politics for personal gains have left no stone unturned to put the national development at stake. These elements are hatching conspiracies against the country’s development, they said, adding that the PML-N government could not be pressurized by such politicians.

They said that Pakistan has been passing through a critical phase of its history but these elements have nothing to do with country’s problems rather they are more interested in creating chaos for personal interest. They claimed that they are committed to public service and no conspirator can stop the PML-N from doing this noble duty. “We shall respect the public mandate and come up to expectations of the masses,” they said, adding the PML-N will thwart every conspiracy against the country’s development.