KASUR - Pakiza Colony of Kasur city depicts the look of a waste dump due to heaps of garbage and accumulated sewage on streets and roads.

According to a survey report conducted by The Nation, the sanitary workers remain absent from duty and are rarely witnessed in the area. Talking to The Nation, a local, seeking anonymity, alleged that the sanitary workers ‘pay monthly’ to the area supervisors and do not perform duty. “Instead of removing garbage, the sanitary workers set it ablaze which caused air pollution in the area,” he said. He added that the locals, time and again, argued with the sanitary workers over burning of the garbage in the area. “Locals urge the sanitary staff not to set the garbage on fire as the emitting smoke causes respiratory diseases among residents but in vain,” he regretted. The correspondent also approached notables of the area who said that sewage system of the area has also destroyed due to indifference of the authorities concerned. They said that it has resulted in sewage blockage which has turned streets of the locality into ponds of dirty water. “Residents of the locality have reportedly been fallen victims to diseases due to mosquitoes’ bites, who are growing in the area due to sewage accumulation,” they expressed their concerns.

They demanded Deputy Commissioner Ammara Khan and TMC Chairman Haji Ayaz Ahmed Khan to look into the grave situation and order the officials concerned for cleanliness in the area.