SHEIKHUPURA - A protest was held as about 4,500 acres of standing crops and dozens of villages including outhouses were destructed in flood as Dike Nullah overflowed here on Sunday.

It happed in the wake of heavy rains in various districts. The Nullah has the capacity of only 6,000 cusecs of water while 8,000 cusecs water emerged in it, Rachna drainage official said. The affected residences of villages including Khori, Rajpura, Sadhoki, Ladhayki, Merajpura, Rustampura and others were submerged with the floodwater, causing heavy loss to the properties and standing crops, fodder and vegetables.

The victims protested against the insufficiency of the tehsil administration of Muridke. The protesters led by Akbar Virk said that the people and animals were suffering due to lack of food, fodder, medicines, drinking water, relief camps and others. While the tehsil administration on the other hand claimed everything is okay. They demanded the Punjab chief minister intervene in the matter and provide necessary relief goods besides paying compensation to the victims.

Likewise, the Nullah Palkhu remained in flood the other day as water flow was 1,869 causes near Sialkot while its total capacity is 1,000 causes.

A peak of 3,070 cusecs flood water passed through Nullah Palkhu near Sialkot which caused spate in it and also resulted in a breach in a protective dyke of Nullah Palkhu near village Korpur-Sialkot, flooding several surrounding villages including Korpur, Ghunsaarpur, Chitti Shaikhaaan.

The acting DC added that the repairing of the breach was briskly underway. On the other side, the water level dropped to 90,000 cusecs in River Chenab at Head Marala near Sialkot from over night’s flow of flood water was 139,526 cusecs. River Chenab has total capacity of 1,100,000 cusecs. He said that the water flow was 8,421 cusecs in River Jammu at Saidpur-Head Marala which has the total capacity of  30,000 cusecs while the flow of water was 5,095 cusecs in River Tavi near Head Marala. He said that the flood sitution in Rivers Jammu and Tavi was still normal.

The Nullah Dek was cool and calm with 824 cusecs flow water in it near Kingra-Sialkot, having total capacity of 17000 cusecs in it at Noorpur. He said that the entire flood situation was totally under control in Sialkot district. He said that the concerned departments were busy in rescue activities in villages (in the surroundings of Sialkot.

GAS STEALTH: Huge quantity of gas stealing was unearthed in a factory located on Lahore Road on Sunday. The egg factory was found steeling the gas. The factory had installed an underground pipe with main supply line. The visiting team led by Sheikh Fazal Rasheed, the general manager, along with other staffers had visited the factory and recovered the theft. The factory area police got registered a case against the owner Abid Hussain.