ISLAMABAD: In a statement on Monday, the Foreign Office said that Pakistan remains steadfast on its goal for a nuclear weapons-free world. The dedication of the country to this cause can be seen through the conclusion of a universal, non-discriminatory, comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons it has adopted.

The Foreign Office asserted in a press statement on the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons the authenticity of the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament (CD) for being the most ideal forum for concluding such a convention. The CD is the world’s single multilateral disarmament negotiating body.

The statement further read that in 1978 the first session on nuclear disarmament of the United Nations General Assembly had taken plan. During the session, a consensus was reached for the embracing of disarmament measures. It was said that the right of each state to security would be kept in mind and the aim of each level of disarmament would be for all states to keep the minimum level of armaments and military forces.

Pakistan believes that the only way for this goal to achieved is if a cooperation and universal consensus was reached by all the relevant shareholders, which would result in an equal and undiminished if not increased security for all states. It was further asserted in the statement that the security considerations of each state involved in the nuclear disarmament should be taken into consideration.

The statement said that the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by a vote on July 7, 2017 in New York, did not fulfill these essential conditions - both in terms of process and substance.

Treaties that do not fully take on board the interests of all stakeholders fail to achieve their objectives. The FO statement revealed that due to these causes Pakistan, like all others nuclear nations, didn’t take part in the negotiations and wouldn’t agree to the treaty.

The statement added that Pakistan does not consider itself bound by any of the obligations enshrined in this Treaty. Pakistan stresses that this Treaty neither forms a part of, nor contributes to the development of customary international law in any manner.

The statement reaffirms Pakistan’s stance on nuclear disarmament which is that of peace, security and stability at regional and global levels.