HYDERABAD - The police shot dead an alleged outlaw and arrested 2 others in injured condition after separate encounters in the limits of different police stations of the district.

The police spokesman Mazhar Shani informed here Sunday that CIA police and Phuleli police were informed about activity of suspicious persons in Affandi Town area.

When the police, led by DSP Aslam Lagha, reached the locality, 3 suspects opened fire in a bid to bolt away from the area, he added.

The spokesman said Akbar Ansari alias Sutli sustained gunshot in the exchange of fire and later succumbed to injuries but his 2 accomplices escaped. He told that Ansari carried a head money of Rs.500,000 and was booked in 22 police cases.

In other 2 encounters in the limits of Chalgari and Tando Jam police stations, Suleman Pathan and Ishaq Pathan were arrested in injured condition. Both of them were shifted to Liaquat University Hospital for medical treatment.