ISLAMABAD - Shaharyar M Khan completed his three-year tenure as chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Najam Sethi is all set to take over the reins of the board in next few days.

Shaharyar tenure would be remembered in many ways as first he successfully completed three years in office, despite facing interference from a number of persons especially from Sethi, but he managed to brave all the storms and criticism and fought health hazards. On the other hand, he also flopped to deliver as he couldn’t fulfill many of the promises, failed to convince India to play bilateral series, failed to get compensation from them, failed to file a case against the BCCI, so majority of his decisions were not more than publicity stunts, as he was highly eager to talk to media every other day.

Now the new dawn in shape of Najam Sethi is set to arise. Sethi has to deliver now, as in his first short stint as PCB chairman, he had to fight legal battle with Zaka Ashraf. He was the one, who signed deal with ICC and informed the Pakistani nation that Pakistan cricket would benefit a great deal by supporting Big-3, but the entire world watched that all his tall claims were exposed later on. India never fulfilled promise of touring Pakistan or playing bilateral series and Sethi is responsible for not safeguarding Pakistan rights as he signed documents, he should have at least ensured in case of BCCI backed off from their promise, the Indian board must have compensated the PCB financially, but Sethi never bothered to pay heed to that important area.

Sethi has to stamp out his authority in number of areas. The PCB is powerful mafia, which is being ruled by many conspirators, who have been holding key posts since long and they will never allow even the new PCB chief to work freely. Sethi has to take not bold decisions, which may not bring healthy results in the beginning, but later on, such bold decisions will prove really beneficial for Sethi.

Conducting Pakistan Super League (PSL) and turning the dream into reality is undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements of Sethi and could go a long way in helping him to improve his overall image, while ensuring PSL second edition final at Lahore was another big achievement in his credit.

The way, he promised the nation that he had evidences against Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Lateef and other players, whom he and the PSL management blamed of involvement in match-fixing, but after lapse of almost 8 months, he and the PCB failed to prove their point and there is every possibility, at least Sharjeel Khan might get away with benefit of doubt, while Shahzaib Hassan and Khalid Lateef also fighting their skins out and till date plead not guilty.

One thing is quite sure that Sethi took social media in haste in announcing he had solid evidence against the players. The delay in the case will benefit the players and they may claim that the PCB was completely wrong in framing baseless charges against them.

Sethi also needs to deal with powerful regional presidents, who enjoy huge backing and have vast experience of running domestic cricket and were highly influential in the past. He has to ensure that changes in domestic cricket should be done for a set time frame, as domestic cricket format is changed every year without giving ample time for getting it set.

Now Domestic Affairs Committee chairman Shakil Shaikh has once again introduced new system in Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, taking onboard former Test cricketers, chief selector and others, then give time to this new set up to flourish. If the system fails to bring desired results, then it should be changed, but at least changes need time before desired results start to come. It is hoped that with a powerful person like Sethi leading the PCB, Pakistan cricket would get benefit and international cricket will return to Pakistan soon.