ISLAMABAD-Allama Iqbal Open University launched MPhil Mass Communication programme for autumn 2019 semester.

Online applications for admission in the programme will be received till August 19. It is a merit-based programme that meets academic criteria set by the Higher Education Commission.

The programme has been offered for Islamabad campus but students from all over the country could apply for admission.

The course work of the programme spans evolution and advances in mass communication theory and research, sociology of mass media, and methods of behavioural research in social sciences.

According to Chairman Department of Mass Communication Dr Saqib Riaz, objectives of the programme are to enable students to understand dynamics of social phenomenon of mass communication in the country and specifically to enable them to independently investigate the contents, uses, and effects of mass media in society.

The programme also aims at contributing necessary baseline inputs through scholarly research to policy makers in important areas of decision-making. Most importantly, the theoretical and methodological depth and breadth of the programme’s coursework have already won experts’ acclaim.

This programme is mainly focused on to integrate mass communication education with social sector development initiatives, he said.

With its focus on social science based mass communication research and theory, this MPhil programme in mass communication trains researches and mass communication educators for academic institutions.

The programme is of two-year duration. Medium of instruction is English. At the end of the semester, the students are required to attend mandatory workshop for each courses.

The mode of teaching of this programme is correspondence package including course books and allied material, presentation of assignments, and workshop. A great number of students across the country are interested in the programme.