Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari said that abolishing status of Kashmir by India was a war crime act.

She said as per UN charter and Geneva Convention, the Kashmir was a disputed territory between India and Pakistan adding that the India had 

already admitted that Kashmir was a disputed issue between the two countries.

Indian government had broken its constitution and asked United Nations for emergency meeting regarding the matter of Kashmir.

Dr Mazari said the violence India is carrying out in Indian Occupied Kashmir is clearly ethnic cleansing and genocide. She was addressing the 

second day of a joint session of the parliament held on Wednesday to discuss Pakistan's future course of action in the wake of India's decision to revoke Article 370-special constitutional status of IOK.

Dr Mazari said India's actions in occupied Kashmir were tantamount to War Crimes done by a rogue government. She said the resolutions of UNSC, 

which recognizes Kashmir as a disputed territory, had been violated. India has committed an internationally recognized war crime; we are obligated to tell the whole world.

Dr Mazari said the violence India is carrying out is clearly ethnic cleansing and genocide adding that International Community should be asked where the UN's right to intervene had gone.

Shireen Mazari referred the Simla agreement and said India cannot unilaterally change the status of Kashmir. Resolutions of UNSC, which 

recognises Kashmir as a disputed territory, had also been violated, she added.

“We must make efforts to persuade the international community to take action and stop India from these massive human rights violations and war 

crimes in Indian Occupied Kashmir,” Dr Mazari said.

She stated we have written a letter to United Nations Human Rights Commissioner regarding use of cluster bombs by India across the Line of 

Control and in Occupied Kashmir valley. If India wanted war on Kashmir then Pakistan could never be a silent spectator, Shireen Mazari said.