OKARA- The National Highways and Motorway police (NHMP) Beat-14 launched an awareness campaign regarding traffic rules here.

The NHMP team, led by DSP Sara Tariq, advised the drivers and other crew of vehicles to avoid using gas cylinders while travelling on roads as they posed threat to lives of passengers. The NHMP team also advised the people to avoid travelling on buses and vans using gas cylinder.

On the other hand, DSP Patrolling Police Sajjad Ahmed told the media that Patrolling Police (PP) had been performing duty efficiently to nip crime in the bud. He added that the policemen were being trained for the service of the people. He disclosed that the patrolling police registered 53 cases in the month of July 2019 of which 13 were against vehicles, eight for keeping unlicensed weapons, and 11 against drug-peddlers.