Supreme Court (SC) while rejecting acquittal plea of Muhammad Yar, death convict involved in murder of five persons and commuted his death sentence into life term prison on five counts.

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khan Khosa took up the case for hearing Wednesday.

The CJP remarked during the course of hearing of the case “witnesses have been made in this case. The witnesses can be sentenced in this case who came from a distance of 9 kilometers for recording evidence. Post mortem was also delayed.

Justice Qazi Amin remarked “ if he has killed brother and wife of brother then what will because of enmity. The cause of enmity is not being told and it is being concealed.

The counsel for the petitioner argued five members of a family were murdered. The accused was a beast who shot dead two months old baby boy. If court declares the evidence false then the ill intent of the petitioner should come to fore. Had the accused been infuriated then his wrath would have been cooled after murdering one person. The accused even could not spare 3 babies.

The court maintained the persons residing in the house were not presented as witnesses in this case. The recovery also does not match in this case. Therefore, the death sentence can not be upheld in this situation.

The court while rejecting the acquittal plea of the convict commuted his death sentence into life punishment.

Muhammad Yar the convict had killed 5 persons including his brother, wife of brother and their three children in 2001 over domestic dispute. The trial court had awarded death sentence on five counts to him. High court had upheld the trial court decision.