Karachi - Terming the passage of the Minorities Protection Bill in the Sindh Assembly as an unnecessary piece of legislation, Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahirul Qadri said on Tuesday that he could not understand the need for presenting such a bill in the assembly.

“The Sindh government should immediately send this bill to the Council of Islamic Ideology(CCI) and any lawmaking in this regard be made in the light of CII recommendations,” he said.

Talking to media during his visit to his aide’s house in Karachi, he said that there was no such law, banning a person from changing his faith across the world. “In fact, in Europe, a child becomes independent to take such decisions at the age of 15,” he informed.

Responding to a query regarding his return to the country only for launching movements against the government, the PAT chief said that he had a busy schedule across the world and it was not only his duty to launch campaigns against the corrupt rulers of the country.

“Other leaders who do politics in the country should also come out for the rights of people,” he asserted.

“No one came out when 14 of our activists gave their lives for the sake of improving governance in the country,” Qadri said, and added that he had reached out to the nation in 2014 and in Islamabad this year, but sadly people did not come out for getting their due rights.

He pointed out that no change could be brought about in the country unless people were willing to come out for a change. “Corruption has emerged as one of the strongest mafias in the country, and even parliament feels defeated in front of this menace,” he added.

“Police, FIA, FBR, State Bank and other institutions have become the supporters of corruption,” he alleged.

The PAT chief further said that the National Action Plan had been initiated to eliminate terrorism from the country, but unfortunately a major chunk of it for which the civil administration was responsible had failed to accomplish its desired goals.

“The armed forces are responsible only for taking actions against the militants and it is only 10 percent of the NAP, and they have done it successfully. But the civil administration has failed to perform 90 percent of its job for rehabilitation of the people,” he opined.

He further said that no positive result would come out of the court’s hearing of the Panama leaks, and his words would prove true when the decision would come in front of everyone.