Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically stated that there are no terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan.

In an interview with Washington Post, he said we time and time again have asked the Americans to share the information about any sanctuary and we will go after them.

He said Pakistan desires a proper relationship with the United States encompassing also trade partnership. He said responding to the US president's tirade against Pakistan on the social media was not a twitter war but to set the record right.

To a question, he said peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest and we will do everything to make progress to achieve this objective.

About relations with India, the prime minister said the incumbent Indian government has an anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan approach and they rebuffed all our overtures.

On the economic front, the prime minister said that the government has embarked on structural reforms under which exports and remittances are already going up whilst foreign investors are also coming to the country.

On the IMF package, Imran Khan said we do not want to have conditions imposed on us which could cause more unemployment and inflation in the country.