Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday has expressed resolve to the uplift living standard of common people across the country.

Addressing students belonging to Balochistan in Islamabad today, he said the federal government has been working with Balochistan government to improve the living standards of the people in the province.

The PM said certain public welfare programmes are going to be announced in the coming days. He said women empowerment is a priority of our government, and a law is going to be introduced to ensure the inheritance rights of women.

The principles of the state of Medina such as justice, rule of law, and women rights will be enforced to make Pakistan a truly Islamic welfare state, he stated

Imran Khan said Pakistan will no more fight anyone's war, nor will it be coerced by any foreign power. He said Pakistan wants peace. However, he said, no compromise will be made on national integrity. 

"I had been emphasizing that war was no solution to the Afghan issue, and now today the US, which had been making demands of doing more, seeking Pakistan's cooperation for political reconciliation in Afghanistan," he added.