LAHORE Mujahid Squad Superintendent of Police (SP) Muntazir Mehdi has awarded major punishments to 77 police officers including dismissal of 12 officers on charges of misuse of power, corruption and negligence. According to an official communiqu issued on Sunday, the SP issued show-cause to 42 police officers, dismissed 12, forfeited services of 16, deducted salaries of 15, censured to 23 while warnings were issued to 11 police officers. The dismissed police officers include: Head Constable Qurban Ali, constables Asim, Wasim, Ahmed, Nazeer, Tanvir, Faqeer, Muzaffar, Umar, Hafeez and Javed Iqbal. Disliking the services of a Sub-Inspector Nazeer Ahmed, the SP Mehdi sent him to district police lines. The SP has also warned the moharrars to inform other police officers be regular on their duties otherwise strict action would be initiated against the accused officers.