ISLAMABAD - Almost all the cricket lovers are in a state of absolute shock over the verdict announced by the ICC Anti-Corruption Commissioner Michael Beloff in Qatar. The harshest punishments were awarded to Pakistani cricketers, putting a ban on Salman Butt for 10 years, M Asif for 7 years and M Aamir for 5 years. After this verdict the careers of Salman Butt and M Asif are almost finished, however, M Aamir because of his age can play for Pakistan in future but it will be almost impossible for him to return to the national side after being punished in the spot-fixing case. One thing which comes in every sports lovers' mind is why the ICC tribunal took so much time to decide the fate of this case when, according to them, they had got all the evidence against these players. It seems that the ICC has made this case as the matter of life and death for them and made up their mind of teaching these players a lesson unforgettable for the entire Pakistani nation. The ICC is fast loosing its grip on the affairs of world cricket due to its one-sided and biased decisions. If an Asian, specially a Pakistani player, commits a crime, which can be easily forgiven, the ICC does whatever it possibly can do to punish the player, but if the similar nature of crime is committed by any other player, it goes unchecked. For instance the case of Australian skipper Ricky Pointing, who has been continuously objecting the umpires' right decisions when even the replays show batsmen as not out, is an eye-opener for those who still believe in the credibility of this body. The standard of umpiring against the Asian countries is below the standard even a viewer can judge the umpiring errors, and the Pakistan-New Zealand series is one of such examples where a lot of Pakistani batsmen suffered due to umpiring errors. No one will dare raise his/her finger if this decision had been taken earlier and ICC preferably stayed neutral rather than becoming a party in this case. The whole saga has dented the face of Pakistan as everyone in the past always tried to bring Pakistan sports in some kind of controversy.