ISLAMABAD - With bean counters busy making their assessments of cost and benefits of Raymond Davis row, Pakistan hardly seems inclined to succumb to the US pressure to isolate Islamabad in order to secure custody of man responsible for double murder. Despite tremendous pressure there are no signs suggesting that Pakistan is on the verge of giving custody of Raymond Davis to the United States in a few days as indicated in certain media reports. Pakistans foreign relations are based on mutual interests and interdependencies, and understandably are subject to ups and downs like other states, sources said, adding it would be misleading to examine successes and failures of foreign policy in terms of black and white. However, in the ensuing debate, informed sources believed that US along with its European allies would use all sorts of political and economic leverages against Pakistan if it failed to pay heeds to their calls for immediate release of Raymond Davis. Pakistan would be gradually subjected to economic curbs as the foremost leverage under its Kerry Lugar Act, sources said, adding the European countries could also follow this, thus making it difficult for Pakistan to manage its national economy. They were of the view that eleventh hour cancellation of the foreign ministers visit to Germany to participate in the ongoing Munich Security Conference was the first US step as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had declined to meet Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the sidelines. However, the Foreign Office rejected these notions, saying the foreign minister cancelled his scheduled visit to Germany due to his urgent domestic political engagements. This is absolutely baseless and incorrect, a senior official in the Foreign Office told TheNation, saying the foreign minister had to cancel his visit because of domestic engagements. Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who is currently representing Pakistan in the Munich Security Conference, would meet world leaders including the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on sidelines of the conference. The sources privy to these developments were of the view that they would probably discuss war against terror, Afghanistan situation and peace and security in the region, but not the sub judice matter relating to Raymond Davis. The Government of Pakistan had made it clear to the US that Raymond Davis case was a sub judice matter and only the court of law would decide it.